A Comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment of the Lao PDR Power Sector

Published onMay 1, 2019

USAID Clean Power Asia conducted an assessment of the Lao PDR power sector’s vulnerability to climate and non-climate natural hazards and to human and technological hazards. The vulnerability assessment (VA) involved extensive stakeholder engagement with a VA Advisory Group of high-level power sector decision makers and a broader, more diverse Power Sector Stakeholder Group.

In August 2018, the VA team met with the VA Advisory Group to identify the most important hazards to the sector and to determine an appropriate scope for the VA. Then, in a three-day VA workshop, the VA team and the Power Sector Stakeholder Group collaborated to assess hazards to the sector, describe their impacts, and identify and assess priority vulnerabilities. Through this VA process, the Power Sector Stakeholder Group and the VA team determined that extreme precipitation, flooding, landslides, and extreme temperatures pose the greatest risks to power sector activities and expose important vulnerabilities.

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