Thai energy companies roll out expansions across Southeast Asia

Published onApril 20, 2018

Thai energy companies are on a roll. The national oil and gas champion, a coal miner and power utility, upstart solar and wind companies, virtually all are expanding across Southeast Asia, applying practices and technology developed at home. Thailand is reaping the benefits of two decades of government energy policies that have supported the sector. Companies are also profiting from oil and gas prices that are recovering from a three-year slump, increasing electricity demand due to economic growth, and renewable technologies that have become competitive against fossil fuels…

…long-standing reform policies have turned Thailand’s state energy company PTT into a successful international oil and gas producer, encouraged the development of power producers such as Electricity Generating, and fostered the emergence of renewable start-ups like Energy Absolute. “The power businesses in Thailand have developed expertise in this sector, and are now well placed to support energy development across the region,” said Robert Grant, Asia Pacific head at Canadian-listed SNC-Lavalin, an engineering and construction firm focused on energy, infrastructure and mining.