Mission and Objectives

Energy demand in Asia is expected to increase dramatically in the next decade. Without a concerted effort to promote a low emission power system, the region will continue to rely heavily on conventional energy sources such as coal and large-scale hydropower to meet this demand. Further expansion of conventional power plants will have far-reaching negative impacts, both for global greenhouse gas emissions as well as for ecosystems, human health, fisheries and livelihoods throughout the Mekong River Basin.

USAID Clean Power Asia collaborates with diverse stakeholders, partners and regional organizations in Lower Mekong countries and shares lessons learned and best practices among additional ASEAN countries. The goal of the program is to accelerate the regional transition to a high performing, low carbon power sector, and is being accomplished through four areas:

  1. Improving Power Sector Planning
  2. Fostering Supportive Policy Frameworks
  3. Mobilizing Finance and Investment
  4. Promoting Enhanced Regional Collaboration