The power sector in Cambodia, with domestic generation of about 3,000 MW in 2015, is small compared to Thailand and Vietnam, though demand has grown 20 percent per year since 2010. Cambodia has made steady progress towards its access target of 100 percent, and was rated among the top performers in terms of energy access policies in the World Bank’s 2016 Regulatory Indicators for Sustainable Energy report. However, as of 2014, access to electricity still hovered at approximately 50 percent.

The majority of policies and plans in Cambodia have focused on developing rural electrification and the country lacks a strong policy and regulatory framework to support RE. The development of renewable energy is still in an early stage, and no specific targets have been set for renewable energy. Cambodia has significant renewable energy potential, though the extent of the grid is limited and supply is unreliable. Cambodia’s power development plan forecast to 2030 does not factor in any significant contribution from (non-large hydro) renewable energy generation.