Fostering Supportive Policy Frameworks

Updates from December 2019

In December, USAID Clean Power Asia RE policy staff held several conference calls with the Global Green Growth Institute on detailed arrangements and technical requirements for site surveys with the provincial governments of Khammouan and Savannakhet provinces in Lao PDR. Efforts from both sides are necessary to assist the provincial government to conduct the site surveys and ultimately identify sites to be allocated for the solar pilot auction in 2020.

USAID Clean Power Asia and USAID Scaling Up Renewable Energy are supporting the Philippines Department of Energy in designing and implementing the country’s first nationwide, centralized energy auction under the Green Energy Pricing Program. This planned collaboration is an important outcome of the recent Asia EDGE Regional Competitive Procurement Dialogue in Bangkok. USAID Clean Power Asia RE policy staff, in collaboration with National Renewable Energy Laboratory, recently submitted draft input to the Philippines Department of Energy on the Department Circular for revisions on the net-metering policy, incorporating stakeholder feedback from the public consultations last month in three cities in the Philippines.


How we foster supportive policy frameworks

USAID Clean Power supports Lower Mekong countries to improve the enabling environment for grid-connected renewable energy development by analyzing barriers and policy impacts; facilitating the exchange of lessons learned and best practices among Lower Mekong countries and the wider ASEAN community; conducting stakeholder consultations; and developing pilot programs. Activities under three focused themes (Distributed Photovoltaics, Solar Farms, and Resource Complementarity) include technical support for the development or improvement of both policy and incentives and regulations and standards.