White Paper: Addressing Remaining Concerns on Increasing Solar Rooftop for Self-Consumption in Thailand (Thai)

Published onMay 24, 2018

Thailand has recently experienced continuous growth in DPV, with the growing popularity of DPV driven by the declining cost of solar PV modules, an increasing number of players in the Thai market, and thriving business models such as third party financing through private power purchase agreements. In Thailand, as well as elsewhere, increasing deployment of DPV has raised several concerns, including technical concerns about the safety and reliability of the grid and financial concerns about its impact on retail electricity rates and the viability of current utility business models. Several questions on the impacts of DPV remain unaddressed, leading to uncertainties on DPV-promoting policy. This white paper discusses the current concerns of stakeholders, including ratepayers, utilities, policymakers, the regulator, and power producers, and addresses six questions and answers.

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