Powering Profits with Renewable Energy

Published onNovember 8, 2018

USAID Clean Power Asia provides free technical advisory assistance for renewable energy projects across Southeast Asia.

With technology improvements, innovative business models, competitive procurements, and a rapidly growing market driving down the cost of renewables, USAID Clean Power Asia supports project developers, financial institutions, and investors in the deployment of grid-connected renewable energy generation. Working across a range of renewable energy technologies, including solar PV, wind, biomass, and small hydro, we guide stakeholders through regulatory complexities, support technical and financial analysis, and serve as independent advisors for investment opportunities.

Our suite of tools and solutions are the building blocks to your clean energy future. USAID Clean Power Asia helps dynamic businesses understand options for embracing renewable energy. From financial models to standardized contracts, investment guidelines to project aggregation, our technical advisory services are positioning businesses to power up profits with renewables.