World Bank and GIF support the Government of Vietnam to mobilize private investment in solar pilot auction program

Published onJanuary 9, 2020

The Global Infrastructure Facility’s (GIF) Governing Council approved $1.5 million in funding to support the World Bank’s work with the Government of Vietnam on the Solar Pilot Auction Program. The GIF, working with the World Bank’s Energy Global Practice, will help the government to design and structure the Auction Program to transition from a feed-in tariff regime, to a sustainable competitive auction scheme for solar generation. The program will help to address Vietnam’s increased demand for energy and promote inclusive growth by strengthening the enabling environment for the private sector…The Solar Competitive Bidding Program by the Ministry of Industry and Trade is part of the government’s broader efforts to accelerate investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy to increase the country’s diversification of electricity generation and reduce CO2 emissions. The country aims to bring 12 GW of solar energy onto the grid by 2030.