This Clean Energy Champion Is Out To Break Vietnam’s Coal Habit

Published onMay 31, 2018

Vietnam is addicted to coal. Its economy has grown over 6%, on average, since the turn of the century, among the fastest of its Southeast Asian peers, yet that growth is fueled by coal, the most polluting fuel source on the planet. This April, however, the decarbonization movement was given a boost of international recognition, as the esteemed Goldman Environmental Prize for grassroots advocacy was awarded to the first Vietnamese recipient, 42-year-old clean energy champion Nguy Thi Khanh, who hopes to end Vietnam’s reliance on coal and persuade the country to take a greener approach…

…the government’s revised power development plan calls for demand growth for electricity to 2030 to continue in the high single-digit range. Coal is a critical fuel source, and one of the largest contributors to global warming. Vietnam’s per capita carbon emissions quintupled from 1990 to 2013. Global warming is a major threat to Vietnam, where rising sea levels are predicted to swallow up nearly half of the Mekong Delta, the source of much of Vietnam’s food, in coming decades.