The world is getting windier – Benefit or bust for offshore wind farms?

Published onJuly 1, 2020

Offshore wind is a rapidly maturing renewable energy technology that is playing an increasingly important role in energy systems. Two years ago, offshore wind provided just a fraction of the global electricity supply, but it is now looking to expand in the coming decades into a one trillion dollar business. Countries worldwide are looking to increase their use of renewable energy and weather will play a major role in every phase of the project lifecycle— from turbine installation, routine maintenance and decommissioning sites. On top of that, changes in weather patterns bring new challenges to offshore wind farms…A study published in Nature reveals global wind speeds since 2010 have recovered to levels last seen in the 1980s. It is estimated that the increased speeds will continue for at least a decade, which could boost more efficient wind power generation. Essentially, more wind means more opportunities for energy, if it doesn’t breach safety levels.