The ‘Asean century’ for renewable energy

Published onDecember 13, 2018

The coming years could be a watershed moment for renewable energy (RE) in the Asean region. Although South-East Asia is considered a laggard in terms of RE deployment, the region is, arguably, where the most significant potential for sustainably-sourced energy lie. The conditions for the development of RE here, particularly solar energy, could not be better. We get enough sunlight and heat to fulfil global needs for a whole year; in other words, solar radiation can satisfy our energy needs 4,000 times over, notes Matt Tan, group president of Mattan Engineering…Tan acknowledges that RE generation costs have dropped for many countries in this region, some, even to the level of conventional energy generation costs, or even lower. “We are looking to enter the RE markets in Cambodia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam by next year. Many countries in the region have taken the first step in formulating a suitable regulatory framework for RE projects to attract investors,” says Tan. According to Protege Associates, the RE sector in South-East Asia has developed over the years, with installed capacity rising from 38.4GW in 2011 to 62.9GW in 2017, representing a growth of 8.6%.