Thailand to Develop Power Transmission Lines to Become Electricity Hub of ASEAN

Published onJune 26, 2019

Thailand has announced it will develop its power transmission lines to become the electricity hub of the region, sourcing hydropower from Laos and selling it to Malaysia, Cambodia and Myanmar. Kulit Sombatsiri, permanent secretary of the Energy Ministry, told the ASEAN Senior Officials Meeting on Energy, that the idea was part of the ASEAN energy plans that ASEAN energy ministers would discuss in their meeting on Sept 2-3 to guarantee cheap electricity for ASEAN people. Modern transmission lines would serve the idea, he said. According to Mr Kulit, the ASEAN Senior Officials Meeting on Energy also discussed renewable energy including solar, wind and biomass power. As the ASEAN chair, Thailand is pushing for polices related to electricity, energy efficiency, renewable energy and natural gas.