Smart-grid plan aims to make Thailand the electricity hub of ASEAN

Published onFebruary 13, 2020

The Energy Policy and Planning Office (EPPO) is continuing with the phased smart-grid plan from 2017-21, aiming to make Thailand the electricity hub of ASEAN and creating new business for energy producers. EPPO spokesman Anirut Thanakornmontri said that the Office is working with three electrical authorities: Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand [EGAT], Provincial Electricity Authority [PEA] and Metropolitan Electricity Authority [MEA] in pioneering the Energy Ministry’s smart-grid project. “The mega-project is divided into four phases: preparation [2015-16], short-term projects [2017-21], medium-term projects [2022-31] and long-term projects [2032-36],” he said. “The short-term projects will include the development of pilot projects to test technical suitability and investment feasibility of each technology.”