Siam Cement looks to reservoirs for solar power

Published onMarch 22, 2018

Thailand’s Siam Cement Group has developed a solar generating system designed to float on reservoirs, which are commonly used to serve factories in the country’s predominantly flat central region. The system is aimed at companies seeking new energy sources for their operations. Cholanat Yanaranop, president of SCG Chemicals, a petrochemical subsidiary of the manufacturing conglomerate, said the system will help generate power for factories which have their own ponds or reservoirs and want to use them as sites for power generation.

After successfully launching its own pilot power farm projects this week on a reservoir in a factory in Map Thaput, Cholanat said SCG will launch a new business by the year-end to provide systems ranging from 1-5 megawatts for customers who operate factories. The price of the system is yet to be finalized…the new system places solar panels on floating buoys, creating a cooling effect that helps reduce the temperature of the panels, increases the efficiency of power generation and eventually helps extend the life of the equipment.