Scrap coal energy plans in Thailand

Published onMarch 7, 2018

The government has made an error with its decision to once again kick the issue of coal-fired power plants down the political road. Siri Jirapongphan, the Minister of Energy, has defused the immediate problem of high-profile protests. But getting the anti-coal demonstrators to leave the Bangkok pavement is a side issue. The government still plans to build those coal-fired pollution factories, just a little later than the regime had hoped…

…sticking with coal flies in the face of other government policies. Thailand 2.0 built coal-powered plants. (People in the North still are paying, in health problems.) In Thailand 4.0, there’s no room for 19th century power solutions. Coal as fuel is as unpopular as it is outmoded. Fourth-generation technology demands developing solar and wind power, working with local communities to encourage micro-producers to join the national grid. A true Thailand 4.0 energy policy would encourage, subsidise and, if necessary, underwrite high-tech power development.