Road to recovery paved by clean fuel

Published onNovember 27, 2020

The state and private sectors are stepping up efforts to give Thailand a new clean look, with economic activities fuelled by clean energy. New power plants and cars will be powered by energy that is more friendly to the environment. The move is not only because oil and gas reserves are shrinking, but the government also wants its investments in renewable energy projects to drive the economy during the recovery, lasting well into next year.  Authorities set a target to have 30% of total energy consumption in 2036 derived from renewable resources, almost double its current share. According to the National Alternative Energy Development Plan, renewable power generation capacity in the country must reach 16,788 megawatts by 2036. Thailand can generate 53% of this target at present. Renewable resources range from biomass and biogas to sun, wind and water. Biomass comes from plants and agricultural refuse, while biogas is produced by manure and wastewater from agro-processing industries and solid waste.