Rising temperatures surge energy demand in ASEAN

Published onMarch 12, 2020

Southeast Asia is well on the way to achieving universal access to electricity by 2030. Millions of new consumers have gained access to electricity since 2000, yet some 45 million people in the region are still without it today and many more continue to rely on solid biomass as a cooking fuel. Demand for electricity in ASEAN has an average growth rate of six percent annually. It is among the fastest in the world, while renewable energy only meets 15 percent of its demand. The energy market in Southeast Asia is growing rapidly. Overall demand has increased by 80 percent since 2000 according to the International Energy Association (IEA). This puts pressure on energy systems, and with much of the demand met by a doubling of fossil fuel use, CO2 emissions have also risen. Based on today’s policy settings, Southeast Asia’s overall energy demand is set to grow by 60% between now and 2040.

Source: https://theaseanpost.com/article/rising-temperatures-surge-energy-demand-asean