Private solar power buying gets go-ahead in Thailand

Published onJune 13, 2018

Energy policymakers gave the green light to start buying solar power generated from private buildings and households once again after postponing the programme for more than four years. Private buildings and households that are accepted by the programme will sell surplus solar power to the state’s utilities. Energy Minister Siri Jirapongphan said the Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency is carrying out studies to outline the investment conditions, which are expected to be concluded this year. He said there is no solid time frame yet because details such as business model, investment budget, power tariff, net metering system, supporting region and capacity from each building are still under development. The tightened condition is the power tariff to sell back should be up to 2.44 baht per kilowatt-hour. Mr Siri said policymakers are confident that the cost to develop rooftop solar photovoltaic panels has declined.