Philippines regulator consults on new green energy auctions and tariffs

Published onJanuary 24, 2020

The Philippines’ Department of Energy (DOE) has called for comments on a draft programme that brings in new rules for renewable energy auctions and a green energy tariff. The main aims are to enable compliance with the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) that will be enforced this year. The RPS mandates power firms to have a minimum percentage of their power generation coming from renewables, with penalties for non-compliance. President Duterte has been pushing to reduce the country’s reliance on coal while simultaneously aiming to double its power supply by 2030 to support its growing economy. The draft circular, ‘Promulgating the Rules and Guidelines Governing the Green Energy Tariff Program (GETP) in the Philippines’, considers how the DOE can play a role in helping this RPS compliance by setting certain market mechanisms.