February 20, 2019
The potential of floating solar power

Thailand is the latest country in Southeast Asia to recognise the untapped potential of floating solar technology after EGAT announced five pilot projects last month. The country’s masterplan includes the installation of floating solar panels in eight hydropower plants nationwide with a total capacity of 1,000 megawatts (MW) over the next two decades.

February 14, 2019
There’s now an official Green New Deal. Here’s what’s in it.

The Green New Deal has become an incredibly hot item on the political agenda, but to date, it has remained somewhat ill defined. It’s a broad enough concept that everyone can read their aspirations into it, which has been part of its strength, but it has also left discussion in something of a fog, since no one’s quite sure what they’re arguing about.

February 14, 2019
Indonesia’s struggle with renewable energy

The 75-megawatt Sidrap Wind Farm in South Sulawesi is the first grid-connected wind farm of any meaningful scale in Indonesia. But does this mean Indonesia is on the cusp of a clean energy revolution? If history is any indication, there is reason to be sceptical.

February 14, 2019
Renewable energy investment to increase by $210 billion over five years

Backing from institutional investors for renewable energy generation capacity is likely to rise $210 billion over the next five years, with utility-scale PV capturing a 43% slice, according to a new report from Octopus Investments. According to the report, market volatility across all sectors is working to renewables’ benefit, as institutional investors seek to diversify portfolios.

February 14, 2019
Vietnam’s renewables industry looking rosy

Power-hungry Vietnam, one of Asia’s fastest-growing economies and a production hub for global companies, needs to raise up to $150 billion by 2030 to develop its energy sector. This opens up golden opportunities for the private sector to tap into the growing demand, but several bottlenecks must first be solved.

February 7, 2019
Thailand in need of ‘Energy 4.0’

Thailand’s next phase of growth requires a new paradigm for the power sector; one that leads to a low-carbon economy while ensuring energy security, affordability, and sustainability. This new paradigm must be based on the combination of clean energy technologies, distributed generation, energy efficiency, storage, electric vehicles, and digital technologies that is already being deployed on a large scale around the world.

February 7, 2019
Vietnam Offers Higher Solar Power Payments in Cloudy Regions

Solar investors in Vietnam could be encouraged to eye even the cloudiest corners of the country because of a government plan to base what it pays for solar-generated electricity largely on where the power originates. The country’s bid to incentivize a more even distribution of solar investment across the tropical country could make land acquisition easier by pushing companies toward new areas.

February 7, 2019
National power plan expands private output in Thailand

After three years of revising and drawing up a new version of the PDP, the National Energy Policy Council has approved the plan for 2018-37, emphasising more participation from private companies in the country's power generation. The new version is expected to take effect from the second quarter.

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