Microgrids could end energy scarcity

Published onAugust 28, 2019

Nyaungshwe township in southern Shan State is in dire need of clean, adequate energy. Households in Nyaungshwe make use of solar home systems for lighting and charging electronic devices, but cooking is heavily dependent on firewood gathered from nearby forests and energy supply is inadequate. This energy scarcity not only makes daily life difficult but stifles economic development in the township. This is a common struggle across Myanmar – only 24 percent of rural areas had access to the national electricity grid in 2017. Connecting the township to the grid would be in line with the government’s ambitious National Electrification Plan, which aims to ensure nationwide access to electricity by 2030. But for Nyaungshwe, it would cost around US$20,000 (K30.25 million) – an exorbitant amount for the township.

Source: https://www.mmtimes.com/news/microgrids-could-end-energy-scarcity.html