Low-cost renewables revolution is coming to Southeast Asia

Published onNovember 8, 2018

New analysis from Carbon Tracker shows it could be cheaper to build new renewable energy sources than to operate existing coal-fired power plants in Southeast Asia within 10 years. There are three inflection points that will make coal power economically obsolete: new renewables outcompete new coal; new renewables outcompete operating existing coal; and new firm renewables outcompete operating existing coal. The first inflection point is already well under way in Europe, the US and India, where new investments in coal capacity have ground to a halt mostly because of fierce competition from wind, solar and, in the case of the US, natural gas. The second and third inflection points also appear imminent in both Europe and the US. Because of higher carbon and coal prices, onshore wind auctions in Germany this summer were lower than operating coal plants.

Source: http://www.atimes.com/low-cost-renewables-revolution-is-coming-to-southeast-asia/