Job creation and wind energy go hand in hand in post-pandemic recovery

Published onDecember 18, 2020

A new, first-of-its kind study released by the American Clean Power Association (ACP), in partnership with the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), details the potential of clean energy resources—wind, solar, energy storage, hydropower, and other renewables—to unlock impressive economic growth and achieve majority renewable electricity generation within the next decade. The report, conducted by international analysis group Wood Mackenzie, finds that reaching a majority renewables grid will deploy over $1 trillion in capital investment into the American economy over the next decade, while supporting 980,000 direct, renewable energy jobs, stabilizing wholesale power prices, and reducing U.S. carbon emissions by over 60 percent. Targeted administrative actions and legislative policies are essential for the U.S. to achieve these benefits within the next ten years. This includes a heavy emphasis on transmission expansion to unlock wind and solar resources, increasing energy storage capacity to maximize the power output of these clean resources, and improving grid infrastructure to smooth the pathway to a 50 percent renewable electricity sector.