Going green will mean $1.35 trillion in opportunities for Asean economies—report

Published onDecember 3, 2020

Going green could bring up to US$1 trillion in annual economic benefits to Southeast Asian economies by 2030, a report by global management consulting firm Bain and Company said last Thursday (Nov 26). Greater investments in renewable energy, reduced consumption and better waste management, less damaging crop-growing practices and improved urban planning are among the areas that could bring new growth opportunities for economies and greater efficiencies and savings, the authors say. But change needs to happen quickly as climate change risks grow along with rising threats to the environment and human health from deforestation, air pollution and growing mountains of rubbish, particularly plastic waste. The report, Southeast Asia’s Green Economy: Pathway To Full Potential, said Asean is at risk of being left behind other regions but the good news is that it is waking up to the need to change and could make rapid advances with the right policies.

Source: https://business.inquirer.net/312786/going-green-will-mean-1-35-trillion-in-opportunities-for-asean-economies-report