Floating solar energy projects gain traction in Asia

Published onMay 14, 2020

With offshore wind farms making inroads in Japan and attracting huge investments from overseas sponsors, promoters and lenders in Taiwan, another asset class – floating solar energy – is gaining ground as a number of Asian countries add renewables to their energy mix…Floating solar project is an emerging asset class in the region, and there will be more similar projects going forward as it offers advantages over ground-mounted solar farm power plants. For instance, floating solar projects provide better energy yield because water has a cooling effect on the panels, says Mallo. They also eliminate land acquisition and site preparation issues associated with the traditional solar power plant installations. Indeed, floating solar projects open up a new avenue for the scaling up of solar power globally, particularly in countries confronted by land constraints.

Source: https://theasset.com/capital-markets/40411/floating-solar-energy-projects-gain-traction-in-asia