Energy reform plan ready for action

Published onOctober 3, 2018

Thailand’s energy reform plan is ready for implementation, with an emphasis on deregulating the electricity sector and enhancing competitiveness among private operators. The new version aims for open and free private participation in the energy sector and deregulation of all aspects over the next two decades, as the country’s policymakers tackle the unavoidable impact of disruptive technology. Thailand did an initial reform in the 1990s by deregulating oil and electricity, including a privatisation programme for the state’s energy enterprises. The second reform was to beef up penetration of renewable energy in the 2010s. The new version is the third stage, which was under draft from 2015 until the end of last year by the National Reform Steering Assembly. The energy reform plan has been crafted alongside those of other sectors, including environment, human resources, national competitiveness, administration of state agency, national defence and social equality. The energy sector is part of the national competitiveness plan.