Embracing renewables in ASEAN countries for post-COVID-19

Published onJuly 23, 2020

Residents in many of the ASEAN’s most polluted cities have been delighted to observe significant decreases in pollution levels as a result of COVID-19 lockdown measures that have disrupted the economy and thus many pollution-causing activities…Indeed, global data from late May shows an all-time high for levels of CO2 as countries start reopening their economies. However, with all the tragedy caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, perhaps there can be a silver lining in terms of how we navigate ASEAN’s energy transition if we can embrace renewable energy and clean technologies. COVID-19 seems to be accelerating the adoption of several pre-pandemic trends like digitization and robotics. Perhaps decarbonization can be another. The post-COVID-19 economic recovery will drive increased energy demand. ASEAN’s energy mix greatly relies on fossil fuels which are a significant source of emissions. To ensure the region’s energy sustainability, development and healthy environment, this rapid increase in demand will need coordinated management and appropriate energy supply infrastructure and investment.

Source: http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/opinon/2020/06/197_291545.html