Covid-19 restricts project finance market for renewable energy development

Published onMay 14, 2020

The ongoing Covid-19 crisis is disrupting everyday life and causing major economic uncertainty. Globally, countries are implementing measures to restrict the transmission of Covid-19. The effect of such measures is having significant implications on various sectors, including renewables… Although there is strong government support for deploying renewables, the private sector plays a crucial role in financing technology development across the value chain. According to a study conducted by UNEP, asset finance accounted for nearly 75% of the investment flow into renewables. Asset finance refers to using an owner’s balance sheet to procure loans or borrow money for project development…The emerging uncertainties in the market are expected to have a significant impact on project finance transactions for renewable energy development in the short term. The perception of high risks and volatility in the market is defining the mitigation measures being undertaken by stakeholders and this would serve as a template for structuring future financing deals.