Challenges facing Việt Nam in ensuring energy security

Published onAugust 16, 2018

Việt Nam needs an enormous amount of energy to feed its development, but relying on coal and hydropower is not the answer, and with new measures still at an early stage, experts are concerned about the future. Việt Nam’s demand for energy rises by an average 9.5 per cent year-on-year in the last 15 years, reaching 13 per cent increase in 2006-11 and 11 per cent in 2011-16 period. According to Việt Nam Energy Outlook 2017 report released last September, imported energy  could account for 37.5 per cent of its total supplies in 2025 and more than half (58.5 per cent) in 2035. Vietnamese economy has transformed itself from an agrarian economy which relied primarily on traditional biomass fuels, to a modern mixed economy, one of the fastest growing ones in the world, resulting in rapid changes in the energy sector.