Buying clean energy in Asia set to get easier as firms demand 100% renewable power

Published onDecember 24, 2020

Corporate demand for zero carbon electricity is driving governments to make it easier for companies to sign power purchase agreements. Renewable energy is making serious inroads into the world’s energy markets, but that growth is very uneven, with the Asia-Pacific region among the most challenging for businesses that are looking to go renewable. New research from RE100, the global renewable energy initiative, shows that although renewables are now the cheapest sources of energy in most markets, they can face challenges in certain markets as a result of limited availability, regulatory complexity and the high costs that these cause. A growing number of companies, including some of the world’s largest corporations, are looking to switch to 100% renewable power to cut their emissions but are finding that they cannot do so in every market. However, addressing the barriers to companies buying clean power would create huge unrealised opportunities, RE100 says. The report is based on data from 261 major businesses that have committed to 100% renewable electricity and have bought clean power in more than 120 global markets.