4 Trends in Solar Energy for 2020

Published onDecember 27, 2019

There is now enough installed solar energy capacity in the U.S. to power 13.5 million homes, and this amount is expected to double in the next five years. The solar energy industry is part of a very dynamic market. Many factors — including government policies, fossil fuel costs, solar energy technology advances, commodity prices, and even public awareness of the climate crisis — impact solar energy deployment across the globe. What’s in store for the next year? Let’s explore some trends in solar energy to better understand what is on tap for 2020: Solar Battery Prices Are Falling, Federal Solar Tax Credit Starts Decreasing, Electric Vehicles Boost Electricity Demand, and Demand for Solar with Battery Storage Increases.

Source: https://earth911.com/eco-watch/energy/4-trends-in-solar-energy-for-2020/