Technical Program Officer

Published onSeptember 15, 2020

Abt Associates, a global leader in technical assistance, program implementation, and international development seeks qualified individuals to fulfill a consultancy for a Technical Program Officer for the USAID Clean Power Asia program. This consultancy will be at least 30 hours weekly. While the program is based in Bangkok, this role will be home-based, with a preference for those located in the Asia-Pacific region for time zone reasons.

The purpose of USAID Clean Power Asia is to accelerate the regional transition to a high performing, low carbon power sector. The program assists the governments of the Lower Mekong and other developing countries in Asia in energy planning and helps establish an effective policy, regulatory, and technical environment for low emissions growth in the power sector, while simultaneously mobilizing public- and private-sector investment in renewable energy (RE) development. USAID Clean Power Asia is focused on solar, wind, small hydro (<15 MW), and biomass from agricultural residues. The program focuses on the Lower Mekong including Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam, and also includes activities on a regional level in support of RE development among ASEAN member states.

The Technical Program Officer will report to the Deputy Chief of Party (DCOP) on the following activities:

Key Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Events Management: Develop and implement planning process in cooperation with DCOP and Task Leads to participate in other organizations’ conferences, workshops and webinars. Prepare monthly plan on opportunities for staff to present at other conferences and webinars and manage a tracker to document participation, including research; logistical and operational management; and collaboration with technical teams and external stakeholders on event management and communications.
  2. Manage organizational partnership and strategic communication efforts: Support partnership development including development, proofing, and review of communications, information retrieval, presentation development and review, coordination, and logistical assistance. Support meetings and formal agreement processes with host country, private sector, donor, and international organization partners. Includes working with staff to manage the process of drafting agreements with donors and other collaborating partners, as well as updating framework agreements with host countries.
  3. Manage and support monitoring, evaluation and learning: Support development of work plan, technical papers, internal and monthly, quarterly and yearly reports, and information- tracking resources.
  4. Implement gender mainstreaming project activities: lead/support implementation of gender action plan, integrating and developing content and activities into projects across Task Teams.
  5. Support and administration: Manage technical team meetings including biweekly schedule of meetings and tasks, coordination of availability with participants, agenda-setting and note- taking, and providing pre-meeting information and briefings. Also includes development of trip reports and management of shared server resources and content.



Closing date:October 16, 2020